New Book! Free Visits! much news to share…check it out!

This week I have several news items I’m excited to share! The first and most obvious is that I’ve finally released an updated/different book. This book includes some of the material from The Symbiont Factor, but not all the lengthy disease-specific chapters, and has more how-to insights added. There is, of course, a course coming also. I know, I’ve been saying that forever-but this had to get done first. This book has QR codes for links (ebook version has actual links of course) which go directly to resources like testing access. It’s also a significantly smaller book as I removed the printed bibliography and put it on a website, with a QR to the website provided in the book. All of the bibliography entries on the website are links, so it’s far less cumbersome to use-and I can keep the bibliography database updated as well! I even created a hardcover, which costs a lot more-but, it’s a hardcover and has color illustrations. For those of us that like such things 😉

The second update is that I’ve added a new office visit to my scheduling-and this is a FREE OFFICE VISIT! The purpose is to provide a way to ask questions about what test would be most appropriate, or details of how to get it set up. This visit is OK to use also if a new person wants to meet me and chat a bit before initiating care. Here’s the link:

Or, you can use your phone and scan this QR code:

I also have fall specials to share:

Buy a Gut Zoomer test and get a Wheat Zoomer for free! till the end of 2022. A $389 value for FREE!

And, last but not least, I’ll be creating a lot more videos in the near future, so stay tuned for that! If you can, let me know what you’d like to see-I would love to hear from you.

in health,

Dr Matthews

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