The Importance of Pooping Well

Yes, dear reader, today we are going to look at one of the most basic of human functions…#2…yup, that one.

The infamous prince and unicorn!

I’ve written extensively about the importance of gut bacteria, but perhaps not added the obvious to the list of “what can you do to help your gut bacteria improve.” We know that gut bacteria are heavily influenced by constipation, and that constipation affects the microbiome of the gut. Constipation can be an important risk factor for Parkinson’s disease, with constipation being acknowledged as the promoter of that imbalance. 1

Studies have also shown that slow intestinal transit constipation, meaning when it takes longer for consumed food to leave the body as a bowel movement, promotes gut dysbiosis. 2

We also know that dysbiosis can increase the risk of having a stroke 3 being depressed 4 or developing autism 5.

Would it therefore be appropriate point out that a huge portion of the human population never “goes #2” the way human beings evolved to poop? Or, that much of the human population cannot assume the position? Yes, human beings evolved to squat during bowel movements, and doing so has many benefits. Sitting during bowel movements can cause SIBO (small intestine bacteria overgrowth) or appendicitis, or Crohn’s Disease. In fact, many gastrointestinal diseases only happen in populations that don’t squat to empty. 6

Squatting to poop can even help you reduce hemorrhoid problems! 7 It can also reduce the incidence of reflux disease or GERD. 8

Fun fact: one of the most entertaining and successful ad campaigns ever is for a product that helps you use a toilet while being in a squat position. It’s called the Squatty Potty, and if you haven’t seen the commercial before…it’s worth watching both for the information and a good laugh. 9

There is also much benefit to squatting in general, as opposed to sitting. Squatting enough during the day can improve your digestion and bowel function! 10

If you feel like this message resonated with you, and you would like to improve your ability to squat, improve your gut bacteria and work on improving your health, I can help! I have a virtual practice, and do Zoom consultations, health coaching, gut bacteria testing and similar work. I welcome new people who would like my help!

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So what is today’s message? If you’d like less chances of developing any of the conditions above, and want to improve your gut bacteria and overall health-squatting more can help! It certainly can help your body to have more normal bowel movements. A million years of evolution cannot be overcome with plumbing and porcelain.


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