AT LAST! my gut healing course is LIVE!


Ok, gut bacteria/gut healing friends! After a lot of work, a lot of late nights, and loads of learning…I present to you my gut/brain healing course! This includes worksheets, videos, opportunity to book telemedicine/Skype time with me…and it has links to labwork and products right in it.

The purpose of the course is to allow a person to evaluate his/her condition, symptoms etc. and make informed decisions about what to do next. There is information about food sensitivities, different diets, gluten testing, FODMAP…gut bacteria, of course! There is really a lot here.

If any of you reading the course find glitches, typos, or other glaring errors, please advise so I can fix them. thanks!

in health, Dr Matthews


please send feedback to doc at Make sure you @ in there instead of at!


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