Sunday Morning at Symbiont Central

Sunday morning at the Matthews household, aka Symbiont Central. Late night last night bringing Mom home from the airport, so a slow start today! I made a pot of coffee and a great symbiont smoothie, and am now editing Chapter 34 of The Symbiont Factor. The title, just for a teaser: Concepts Behind a Good Holobiont Diet and Lifestyle.  Only two chapters to go! Planning on taking a break in a few minutes to do some serious stretching and deep breathing (yes, that’s in the chapter too!), so I can take my own advice. Remember to take at least part of your own Sunday to relax and help reset that autonomic function from “race mode/sympathetic dominance” to “relax mode/day off/parasympathetic balance.” That helps your gut function to improve and provides a better environment for healthy gut bacteria. It’s all part of a symbiont-healthy lifestyle!


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