Snack Time at Symbiont Central

This evening I thought I would share what I had for dessert/evening snack while working on my computer. I made a smoothie, using a Nutri-Bullet. It contained a big handful of organic raw spinach, about a half cup of home made goat milk kefir, half a cup of home made black tea kombucha, half a cup of frozen blueberries, some powdered probiotic supplement (a big sprinkle, really!) a teaspoon of creatine as I had a swim workout tonight, and topped off with organic almond milk and a big sprinkle of cinnamon. Blended up till smooth, this was really tasty and provides a big dose of probiotic bacteria, superfood (blueberry) plus very finely cut fiber, which is like a superfood to gut bacteria. It only took about 5 minutes to put together, without rushing. I sometimes have this for breakfast, only then I add two tablespoons of organic sesame tahini. This provides additional protein and healthy fats, making for a breakfast with enough nutrition to last the morning. Sesame is a rich source of plant lignans, which are converted to mammalian lignans by the gut bacteria. Once converted, lignans possess anti-cancer and anti-hypertensive properties. This provides resistance against breast and prostate cancer as well as high blood pressure. Blueberry plus probiotics has been found to prevent colon cancer and heal liver injuries. Pretty potent health benefit for a tasty breakfast!


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